Mancha Real Obras is affiliated to society and the environment where it operates, in such a way that that the company organises its activities according to principles of sustainability, environmental friendliness and generation of well-being. As a consequence of this relationship, the following are established as fundamental values of the company: Honesty, social responsibility, concern for the environment, customer orientation, financial soundness, innovation and the pursuit of benefits via the creation of values.


The corporate project which is proposed, both now and in the future, entails the acquisition of commitments with the different stakeholders who are parties in the construction process, seeking the satisfaction of clients, workers, suppliers and society in general.


– Commitment to workers. Special attention is paid to the people who make up its personnel and their working conditions, as well as to the quality in the undertaking of their activity, creating safe and stable working conditions and areas, fostering the personal development of its workers. through training, creation of equal opportunities and working to attain the maximum balance between work and personal life.


– Commitment to clients. Mancha Real Obras pursues excellence in each of the works it executes, in order to obtain same it is essential to guarantee the best quality of the materials to be placed, to comply with the delivery deadlines set and with the agreements established with its clients. Therefore, there will always be continuous and close communication, which will result in a job well done and the complete satisfaction of its clients.


– Commitment with its suppliers. Suppliers and collaborators are considered as part of the organisation. Mutual respect and sharing the same values and criteria for action are fundamental aspects for working together, maintaining a relationship of trust based on responsibility, solvency, integrity and strict compliance with deadlines and commitments.


– Commitment to the environment and society. Mancha Real Obras understands that part of the profit obtained by companies must have an impact on society, to that end, minimising the impact of the activities carried out using energy resources efficiently, improving their environment and society by being environmentally friendly and generating wealth which guarantees the welfare of the general public.

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