About This Project

Valeo B Warehouse


Project executed within the premises of the Valeo Iluminación facilities in Martos (Jaén). 1094.25 m2 warehouse, with a gable roof, within the entire 97.000 m2 complex.
The intervention consisted of the demolition of the existing slab, badly deteriorated due to use, with considerable level differences along its entire length, which had to be remedied for the future use of the warehouse. Taking advantage of this intervention, a completely new refurbishment was undertaken and suited to the growth needs experienced by the industry.
The roof was reinforced by a new structure and replaced by a new insulated panel cover, ensuring compliance with prevailing regulations. All the electricity, telecommunications, plumbing and fire-fighting installations were upgraded. The slabs of the warehouse were finished with an application of epoxy resins, defining the future work areas of the equipment to be installed by the industry.
The joineries which were installed included fire protection systems. The interior of the entire structure of the warehouse was coated with passive fire protection paint.
The entire intervention created new routes in the industrial complex and the optimisation of work areas, which was the end of said action.



Valeo B Warehouse


Martos (Jaén)


Valeo Iluminación S.A.


Manuel Zafra Cobo