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Upgrading and refurbishment of industrial warehouse for food products


The company Olior Porcuna, S.A. refurbished its oil packaging plant located on a 840.00 m2 plot of land, having 345.00 m2 packaging and storage area, 120.00 m2 office area and 375.00 m2 courtyards of which 155.00 m2 were covered.
The action consisted in covering all the existing courtyards to be used as a finished product warehouse and vehicles loading and unloading areas. To that end, the demolition of the existing buildings and covers was carried out, laying a new foundation and reinforced concrete slab which enabled the implementation of the structure executed with metal pillars and trusses, enclosures using concrete slabs and roof using sandwich panel. In the interior, all the walls were covered with sandwich panels for improved insulation and the flooring was finished by applying multilayer slip resistant foodstuff resin.
Elsewhere, given that the roof of the packaging area warehouse was in very bad shape, the roof was demolished and a new cover was installed through the implementation of metal trusses and finished with sandwich panels.
Furthermore, all the new facilities in the plant were executed, equipping same with LED lighting, compressed air, fire protection system, air conditioning, as well as the installation of stainless steel tanks for the storage of oil. Areas were created for the storage of packaging on the upper floor, the new packaging area in the centre of the warehouse, and a workshop and workers changing room area.



Upgrading and refurbishment of industrial warehouse for food products


Porcuna (Jaén)


Olior Porcuna, S.A.


Andrés Raya Luna