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Single Family Dwelling –‘Las Cumbres Housing Estate


Detached single family dwelling on a 800 m2 plot of land in a residential area called “Las Cumbres”.
The dwelling is a 2 storey structure with a basement.
The building is underpinned by a structure of reinforced concrete frames, with bidirectional slabs and solid slabs for force transmission in the horizontal resistance elements, whilst square geometry reinforced concrete pillars will be used as supports for vertical force transmission. Metallic structure is executed for a raised staircase.
The containment of the interior terrain of the site development has been executed by means of a reinforced concrete wall, marked up on strip footing up to the pavement level.
The dwelling is composed of square floors like a drawer, re-entrant angles and projections, with a “trumpet shaped” façade system on the windows. The interiors are spacious with plenty of light, with smooth plaster finishes on ceilings and walls, and porcelain stoneware finish on floors. Raised glass railings have been mechanically anchored to the ground.
In the front area there is a garden with stairs and access ramp. From the rear façade of the ground floor, there is access to the rear garden, which has an oval-shaped swimming pool.



Single Family Dwelling –‘Las Cumbres Housing Estate


Parcela Aislada Las Cumbres




Jesús Estepa Rubio, Jose Alberto Orero Vigaray y Daniel Sanchez Mesa