• Reforma de zonas comunes

About This Project

Refurbishment of common areas and swimming pool vessel in residential estate


The action is undertaken due to the deteriorated state in which these elements are found, there are myriad of areas with the raised paving and the original waterproofing sheets deteriorated, reason why humidity problems and other pathologies in the lower part intended to the garage were occasioned.

This interior courtyard is structured in different levels and uses, among which there is a bathroom area comprising of a swimming pool, toilets and solarium, and an upper level where the recreation areas are located. The intervention is used to ensure that the entire courtyard of the residential estate is retrofitted for persons with disabilities.
The works consisted of the pitting of the vertical walls of the swimming pool area, the demolition and lifting of the area’s paving and the layout of the new swimming pool vessel executed by an overflow system with a glass mosaic finish. The execution of a new toilets and changing rooms areas for the users of said facilities was carried out and a more natural, fresh and revamped air was obtained by means of the execution of a rest area, all this confined by garden areas.


Upgrading of the Common Areas and Swimming Pool Vessel in the Principado de Asturias (Principality of Asturias) Residential Complex




Comunidad de Propietarios del Residencial Principado de Asturias


Miguel Ángel Calahorro Ocaña