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Refurbishment of the surroundings of the Immaculate Conception Chapel


It is an intervention in the surroundings of the Immaculate Conception Chapel together with the Church (Alameda) and the Municipal Park of the municipality of Mancha Real (Jaén). It is divided in two different areas, a first longitudinal area which faces the main façade of the Chapel from where one access same, and a second more open space where in its central area is located a cross on a stone column. Having a grove, metal benches on the main façade of the Chapel and a protective railing.

The project tackled several areas or aspects of action.
Commencing with the lifting and demolition of the existing flooring, which had deteriorated considerably due to the passage of time, the inclement weather and the inherent deterioration of the use of said public space. This new flooring was carried out using natural limestone stone tiles of various sizes and a 4 cm thickness, giving once again the necessary aspect to the surroundings of the Chapel.
A new perimeter fence was made using metalworking according to the existing fitting in the access itself to the Chapel, respecting in this manner the original style.
Taking advantage of the intervention in the project, the upgrading from a lighting point of view of the entire space was reflected. Said intervention was carried out using LED lighting, obtaining savings and ultimately greater energy efficiency.
The surroundings were endowed with new furniture made in situ and cladded with the same limestone however of a 6 cm thickness, in addition to the placement of litter bins and tree protectors to cisterns to reflect the existing grove.
The intervention is completed by cleaning the stone and façade of the chapel itself, as well as creating a garden area to give a more attractive and appealing aspect to the Chapel surroundings.
Finally the replacement of the steel perimeter sidewalks to the square itself is made, thus achieving a joint action which enhances and puts back into use the space of the square, highlighting again this space which completed the intervention.


Refurbishment of the surroundings of the Immaculate Conception Chapel


Mancha Real (Jaén)


Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Mancha Real


Ana María Molina Jurado



Civil Works