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Refurbishment and expansion of premises for parking and storage


The action was undertaken on the ground floor of a multi-family residential building located at C/ Maestro Cebrián of Jaén. The works consisting in the upgrading thereof into private parking with 9 parking spaces, as well as an area of 14 storage rooms at the back.

Following the wrecking and demolition of all the elements which initially existed on the ground floor, the construction of a new buried drainage network was commenced, replacing all the old concrete pipe conduits with new double-layer PVC pipes, as well as the organisation and cleaning of the existing manholes that were in an acceptable condition and the new undertaking of the manholes that were badly deteriorated and in bad shape.

In order to eliminate the existing dampness in the dividing walls of the entire perimeter, undertaking to the pitting in its entirety as well as the execution of a new continuous coating using waterproof and breathable cement mortar. Proceeding to paint this coating with coloured plastic paint up to a height of 1.20 m. and the rest together with the roofs in white.

As far as the facilities are concerned, all existing facilities were removed and all the new installations specified in the project were carried out.

The electrical and lighting installation was undertaken using a rigid surface pipe, halogen-free wiring and surface screens, in addition a new general control and safety panel was placed at the entrance. Furthermore, a ventilation system was installed with spiral sheet plate pipe, grilles and an extractor.

As a flooring surface finish, a treatment was carried out by coating same with three layers of 100% solid epoxy resin in different colours, as well as the marking of the parking spaces.


Refurbishment and expansion of premises for parking and storage




Carlos Martos Nava


José Miguel de la Torre Sarmiento