• Plaza empresario Diego Torres
  • Plaza empresario Diego Torres
  • Plaza empresario Diego Torres
  • Plaza empresario Diego Torres
  • Plaza empresario Diego Torres
  • Plaza empresario Diego Torres

About This Project

Plaza empresario Diego Torres


The executed works are included in the UE-17 Execution Unit of the General Urban Zoning Plan of Jaén and present an urban surface area of 10,056 m2. All the action is undertaken according to the project as a square/pedestrian garden without including any surrounding road, although there are paved areas which enable firemen access if necessary.
Due to the dimensions proposed in the project the concept of the action can be summarised in the execution of two main platforms, one parallel to the new “La Victoria” Sports Centre and school adjacent thereto, and another parallel to the western border of the square which precedes the shopping centre “El Corte Inglés” at the same level of the latter. Between both, a slope with vegetation, natural grass, creeping plants and pedestrian pathways whose paving is made from porous concrete.
On the platform next to the shopping centre “El Corte Inglés”, adjacent to the northern boundary, there is an electrical substation, which is buried, largely by a rock filled wall that will define a lower platform, wherein a sports area is generated, with a basketball hoop for 3×3 players and matches and a surrounding bleachers. A rest area with prefabricated concrete benches and seats on concrete parts which creates routes, natural grass and vegetation is defined.
The remaining executed paving has been by porous concrete, with galvanised steel joints, which enables its permeability to carry out a rainwater drainage network for the collection of surface water and storage in a tank enabling use in irrigation of the lawn and existing vegetation in the entire surface.



Public space of the UE_17 at C/ Virgen de la Cabeza, s/n. Next to La Victoria Sports Centre




Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Jaén


Esperanza Lozano Fernandez y Alfonso Mollinedo Sáenz



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