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Multi-family building


Construction of an insulated multi-family building on a 1,189.10 m2 plot of land in the residential area of the SUNP-1 “Boulevard Area” Area of Jaén. The building is a 4 storey structure and with a basement intended for garage and storage rooms. The housing estate area corresponds to the access courtyards and swimming pool area.
The building is underpinned on a structure of porticos and reinforced concrete slabs underpinned on a foundation slab. The stairs are determined via reinforced concrete slabs.
The roofs of the building are flat walkable roofing, whilst the façade walls are double layer of ceramic brickwork, cladded on the exterior through the application of white scraped top coat and with blue porcelain stoneware finish with concealed staple.
The exterior joineries are made from aluminium with thermal break and thermoacoustic and safety windows according to location for CTE compliance. As regards the interior joineries, these are made from white lacquered wood, the walls being cladded by machine-applied smooth plaster on gypsum plasterboard walls and false ceilings. The floors are porcelain stoneware in certain dwellings and laminate flooring in others, as chosen by the homeowners.
The handrails and protection elements on balconies are executed with metallic right bases and translucent laminated safety glass.



Construction of a Multi-Family Building


Área SUNP-1 - Jaén


Mancha Real Obras S.L. y otro U.T.E.


Sergio Marín Cañavate