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Expansion and Improvement of Jaén Fire Station Facilities


The works consisted in the repair and refurbishment of the Jaén Fire Station, undertaking the works in three stages or stand alone priority areas.

The existing gym was refurbished and expanded with a massage and physiotherapy room, as well as a lockers and changing rooms area, all in a constructed surface area of 160’47 m2. To that end, walls of perforated masonry work bricks clad in stoneware tiles and laminate floorboard flooring were executed, and also the exterior joinery was changed to obtain a better energy efficiency.
A warehouse was constructed, taking advantage of the double height existing in the garage area.
In the exterior area the refurbishment of the training pool of the fire station was carried out, this refurbishment consisting of the pitting of the coatings of the vertical areas of the tiers, stairs and descent to the treatment plant, the pitting of the paint coating of the swimming pool vessel for the subsequent fastening of a waterproof cement mortar and painting thereof with waterproof paint, the lifting of edges and steps in bad shape of the beach area surrounding the swimming pool, as well as the replacement of the necessary ceramic pieces in the rest of the surface, finally a perimeter fence with an access door to the swimming pool that prevents the passage to any unauthorised person to the area was executed.
In the training tower a life line was placed in the perimeter of each floor, as well as the painting thereof in its entirety, both externally and internally, given that it was very deteriorated due to smoke caused in the training sessions carried out by the firemen. Similarly the main building was painted on the exterior and all the metal joinery and metalworking elements in the fire station.
Finally, a new public address and alarm system was installed and commissioned throughout the premises.


Expansion and Improvement of Jaén Fire Station Facilities




Ayuntamiento de Jaén


Antonio Ángel Rodríguez Serrano



Civil Works