Another of Mancha Real Obras’ areas of activity which has emerged through its interests, is the undertaking of Comprehensive Integral Turnkey Projects.


Nowadays it is customary for clients to prefer to hire the entire construction of a building with a single company, for the purposes of only having to deal with a single organisation, thus eliminating coordination problems between different agents. The client specifies his/her hopes and expectations and we make them come true.


Constructing the buildings from the outset: Feasibility Study, Technical Project and Works Management, Works Planning, Securing Mortgages, Building Permit Management, Building Construction of the Building, First Occupancy Procedures, Registration and Commissioning of Facilities. In a nutshell, constructing one’s building and delivering same in proper working order for occupying same, with the highest quality and guarantee, processing all required documentation.


To that end, having an outstanding team of professionals who cooperate with us for the execution of Projects and Project Management, offering a wide range of solutions to clients.

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